Branding & Web Design for a SaaS Developer Tool

Creative Lead, 2014

At Singly, I was a creative lead handling all things design including defining the brand. The target audience was developers and the general tone we wanted to convey was playfulness, wholesomeness and intelligence. After a healthy amount of exploration, a brand book was created. Then, all future marketing collateral maintained this new brand vision including the website, whitepapers, email templates, presentation decks, signage, marketing booth designs.

Initially, I designed and worked on a WordPress site while Singly was considered a social API aggregator. At this point, I pushed a few commits with the help of my teammates. This was the initial step to realizing how rewarding it is to ship my own work.

After struggling with sales in the pre-built API market, executive leadership termed the former mission. Our new direction was selling the transmission of data through a uniformed API in the quantified self-market, so we redid the website to reflect that mission.

To relieve some of the sales stress, we brainstormed technical charts to display the API’s behavioral and security benefits. Below is a technical chart. The infrastructure is highly technical, but the design of the architecture information is very easy to digest and visually appealing. At this point, sales were on an uptick, and we were gaining momentum and higher paying clients.

Shortly afterward, Singly was acquired by my next employer Appcelerator in October 2013.