PattyCreates Services

Instant Value for any Team

From USA to Australia, Patty works with clients from all over the world. Her core experiences are with VC backed startups and agencies with enterprise clients whom have extra budget. But, she also likes to pay it forward and help individuals and small teams alike where she can.

Her core objectives are to bring the most value/insights to her customers. Here are some basic packages that will surface the most value to your product or site (all prices in USD).


Features from Ground Up

Flexible Rates

Patty is available as a contract UI / UX designer designing in lean philosophies. Message her directly about the project you are thinking about, and then we can get come to some terms for an engagement.

UX Audit

$250 Fixed Rate

Sometimes, teams get tunnel vision with their projects apps/sites. Break that tunnel vision with a low engagement UX audit which points to inconsistencies and uncovers opportunities.

Subscription Based Design

Starting at $1,000/mo.

Get design help on smaller but more regular doses. This allows your team to have more time to build and support features instead of front-loading designs that may become out of date due to priorities changing or changing customer needs.

Art Commission

Flexible Rates

Interested in a custom pet portrait or a different type of art commission? Don’t hesitate to ask, because I really enjoy doing them!

Designing for Real Value

Discounts to those who do good


In order to design a better tomorrow, there comes a time when freelance projects are presented that conflict with Patty’s basic values. Since Patty utilizes her intellect, time, and skills in every project she works with, it is in the best interest of all parties involved for values to be aligned to ensure that the outputted work is optimal.

Therefore, she refuses projects that promote the sales of pollutants or to work with companies with a history of animal cruelty or discrimination based off of any personal identity.

On the upside, discounts are available to brands that strongly align with her values:

  • NGOs / Nonprofits
  • Vegetarian / Vegan Brands
  • Environment Conservation Brands
  • Ed-Tech for Underprivileged Communities
  • Social & Policy Change Projects
  • Artist Projects
  • Social Impact Projects

Mention your type of service while inquiring to be elligible for a discount.