Patty’s Playa Party

I created, produced and hosted a variety show with a mix of performance artists including magicians, acrobatics, and so much more.

Date: 15/10/2022
Responsibilities: Event production, hosting, performance art, advertising

I felt like I knew so many talented people in my community and I wanted to create a platform for them to showcase their skills.

Therefore, inspired by Ruckus & Revival in Oakland, I created a variety show with a mix of performance artists where I source, produce and host the show. The show is essentially a fun talent show with acrobats, magicians, comedians, musicians and so much more. It’s a mix of high brow / low brow good fun.

With these bootstrapped events, I sourced talent, advertised, performed skits, produced and hosted the show. It’s very exhausting but super worth it.

The first show happened in October of 2021 & again in February 2022.