Niños y dinos

7 artist volunteers transform a children's orphanage with 6 different murals.

Client: CDMX Ayuda Mutua
Date: 11/2020
Services: Mural, Art, Vounteer

This project was accomplished with CDMX Mutual Aid. The mutual aid organically formed as a direct response to the pandemic’s quarantine to help folks in the community whom were negatively affected by the closed economy.

As a team, we crowdfunded $30,000+ in 2020 to provide groceries & supplies for hundreds of families and help stimulate the local economy.

We helped the children’s shelter, Casa Hogar Monte Halac A.C., with financial support. The children at the shelter were especially affected by the isolation that pandemic’s quarantines produced. We collectively thought brightening up their space through murals may make it more homey for them during the time.

7 volunteer artists all agreed on a color palette that we can all utilize and we all created separate designs for different rooms. I got the chance to work on the whimsical children’s playroom.

I created the Niños y Dinos mural with small details to honor Mexico’s prehispanic & traditional culture as to never forget to play.