La Perra Artes Ana

Bespoke pet portraits.

Tools: Acrylic, Charcoal
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I absolutely love doggies, so in a stroke of brilliance at midnight, I thought — how about I commission pet portraits? I am honored to commemorate so many dogs via an acrylic or charcoal medium. If you can, please support an artist and check out and follow on Instagram.

~$1,400 raised through 100% donation to the pet shelter my dog was adopted from.

I love the dog shelter Ana comes from. In December 2020, I did a campaign along with CDMX Mutual Aid where I donated 100% of profits from a total of 14 pet portraits. I raised ~$1,400 USD (~ $27.000 MXN) to donate to the shelter.

I cried after receiving this as a gift!!!

Maria Vasiliadis