getTalent by Dice

I led a UI/UX redesign of an MVP app paired with production code design reviews.

Client: getTalent
Date: 2017
Services: UI, UX, Coded UI

getTalent is a web recruiting tool by Dice, and they contacted me when they wanted to add pizzazz to their MVP.

As part of the redesign, I started simplifying with many key screens which involved data tables per category: pipelines, campaigns, and candidates. The structure led to the basic site architecture that then helped better organize the information globally.

Talent pipeline

Previously, the talent pipeline creation tool had very odd animation in the filtering that wasn’t clear to users. It was also inundated with several facets that it was overwhelming to filter quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, I helped clear up the transitions by categorizing the facets so a user can filter faster, easier, and more thoroughly.

During the redesign, details such as loading states, facets, forms, blank states, animation states were considered and designed in tangent with creation of the component library.

Candidate profile

The candidate profile was an on-going work in progress. There were multiple pieces that the candidate profile had to support including engagement metrics, resume support, and CRM abilities. The solution was to build a scalable UI that can support new features that would be introduced going forward.


getTalent had a vast suite of tools for adding candidates and it was built in an iteratively so creating a strong IA was important when starting. 

So, we had to consider all of the entry points and how to design for handling duplicated candidate profiles. For the initial iteration, we decided to set up multiple notifications respective to their entry points alerting the user that the added profile may be a duplicated profile. We focused on alerts to points to the merge hub for a leaner build.To get started, I did an audit of their app and realized areas for UX/UI improvements. The mission was to simplify, simplify, simplify.

After several UX cycles, I created a small Material-based component, and reviewed and contributed production CSS.

I defined brand styling and created a beginner Sketch UI component library along with the new IA.

After engineers built the first iteration, I helped with design review and committed production CSS updates directly to the Angular application.

With this team, I also helped create internal organization systems for a more productive workflow.