Conversion Optimization through Design at a Software Analytics Company

Marketing Design Manager, 2016


I worked as a web designer at Kissmetrics under the leadership of many skilled mentors. At its core, Kissmetrics is an analytics platform that helps marketers improve their marketing performance by tracking real people.

At Kissmetrics, one of the core company values was to be better than yesterday. Growth and improvement is an ongoing priority for business growth and within yourself. Every project we undertook was measured to several baseline business objectives from signups to paid to retention to churn. Some initiatives failed, some won. Some won up to 600% spikes in marketing site traffic. Below, are two examples of winning design assets for the homepage and for the features page that increased signups.

These projects were achieved by designing and building out many landing pages, AB tests, and other marketing assets. The skillset required for this work includes advanced skills in PSDs, AI, HTML & SCSS, wireframing and prototyping. The skillset that was learned during her tenure were intermediate skills with Github and basic skills in Ruby on Rails.

Another pain point we experienced was the lack of successful onboarding and implementation of the product. We holistically looked at all details of what it takes to onboard successfully and worked on several iterative projects that led to more received custom data and fewer support tickets. These projects were executed in tangent and in respect to pertinent product releases.

In April 2015, Patty was promoted from Web Designer to Marketing Design Manager to manage consultants and the marketing site.

iOS Blog Reader

Our popular blog advocated smarter marketing techniques. Below, is a UI update of the iOS Kissmetrics Blog Reader App I led. Aside from the visual refresh, we focused on creating stronger interactions and improved sharing. Another purpose of this app was to improve the Kissmetric’s mobile API with its interactions. This project included several rounds of brainstorming, prototyping, and revisions for it to come to its fruition.