Get Good Design, All of the Time

Subscription Based Design

Have a ton of projects going and need the help of a skilled set of eyes to keep new projects clean? Patty offers design subscriptions of varying levels based on your needs. Inquire to learn more about terms.


Within a monthly engagement, you can:

  • Receive smaller doses of design to consistently and cleanly implement.
  • Reduce the habit of frontloading and making epic beasts of projects.
  • Work with a self driven designer to provide AB Testing opportunities.
  • Release new features within cadence of sprint cycles.
  • Actually tackle the backlog and bugs with ease.
  • Be proactive and fully utilize your resources in the best possible way.
  • Save money on longer term engagements.


Simply fill out the form to get started.

Design engagements are contractial & fixed priced monthly engagements.