Marketing Design & Branding for an Enterprise MBaaS Solution

Creative Marketing Lead, 2014

I joined the Appcelerator team during the exciting Singly acquisition. At that time, Appcelerator was focused on selling an enterprise platform consisting of three products: Apps, Analytics, and APIs. We wanted to reinvigorate the brand, so I, heavily influenced by Parse and Urban Airship, spent a healthy amount of time redefining the brand. I redesigned the website by focusing on the platform’s offerings with a trifecta emblem as a main focal piece. Here are a few examples of the website with the new brand direction.

The website was an ongoing project throughout, but the initial scope of work for the website redesign was updating the main pages on the platform’s messaging. Once the website was in a good place, I then implemented the brand onto sales enablement media and leadgen projects. We produced several microsites where I delivered all aspects of usability, interaction and interface design.

Titanium for Developers

The Apps portion of the enterprise platform is specific to Titanium, a compiler of JS to native mobile languages. Titans, loyal developers and evangelists, are Appcelerator’s true bread and butter. Here’s a snippet of an infographic I designed that celebrated the 500,000th developer who joined the community. See full infographic here.