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In a Nutshell

( Not in an actual nutshell )

Patty is a UI / UX designer who gravitates towards creative strategy, HCD, branding, CRO, illustration and a bit of coding. She’s worked with companies such as Kissmetrics, Dice, Roc Nation, and more. She designs for user needs and is fond of JTBD for user research and of atomic design for lean-agile prototyping.

As a former San Francisco in-house worker bee, Patty is now a nomadic freelancer. She works with a variety of clients, from e-commerce to travel agencies, to help define their audience needs, define their brand through psychology based exercises, identify opportunities, and to increase their functionality. She also really like puppies.


Design Ethos

Figure out customer wants and then align them with company goals. Expand endlessly during brainstorming and curate what matters afterward. Criticism is your friend; a thick skin is warranted.


Design Toolkit

Pencil, paper & scissors. Whiteboards. Sketch, Invision, UX Pin & Zeplin. Photoshop & Illustrator. HTML / SCSS & Github. Is novice, but tinkers in Ruby on Rails & JQuery.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill,
they want a quarter-inch hole.”

— Theodore Levitt

10+ Years of Awesomeness


Of the Top 3% of Designers



Where in the World is PattyCreates?

As a creative person, Patty is a very curious person. Her curiosity has recently led to embark to be one of those “work online from anywhere” people.

She is invigorated after meeting several other people outside of her bubble. Through travel, she has self-reflected on her graces, wants, and potential.

During this time on the road she has:

  • Launched 6 websites
  • Launched 10+ application features
  • Done environmental sketches at famous landmarks (Sagrada Familia, Eiffel Tower, etc.)
  • Stepped foot on 6 continents

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I look forward to chatting

Thank you for your interest — I sincerely appreciate it. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to talk shop or are interested in a resume.