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In a Nutshell

( Not in an actual nutshell )

Patty is a UI / UX designer who gravitates towards creative strategy, HCD, branding, CRO, illustration and a bit of coding. My portfolio includes companies such as Kissmetrics, Dice, Roc Nation, Toptal and more. I design for user needs, am fond of JTBD for user research and design in atomic for lean-agile prototyping.

As a former San Francisco in-house worker bee, I am now a nomadic freelancer. I work with a variety of clients, from e-commerce to travel agencies, to help define their audience needs, define their brand through psychology based exercises, identify opportunities, and to increase their functionality. I also really like puppies.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill,
they want a quarter-inch hole.”

— Theodore Levitt

Design Ethos

Figure out customer wants and then align them with company goals. Expand endlessly during brainstorming and curate what matters afterward. Criticism is your friend; a thick skin is warranted.

Design Toolkit

Pencil, paper & scissors. Whiteboards. Sketch, Invision, UX Pin & Zeplin. Photoshop & Illustrator. HTML / SCSS & Github. Is novice, but tinkers in Ruby on Rails & JQuery.

10+ Years of Awesomeness

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Where in the World is PattyCreates?

As a creative person, I’m very curious. In the fall of 2017, my curiosity led me to be one of those “work online from anywhere” people.

I am invigorated after meeting several other people outside of her bubble. Through travel, I have self-reflected on my graces, wants, and potential.

During this time on the road I have:

  • Launched 10+ websites
  • Launched dozens of application features
  • Done environmental sketches at famous landmarks (Sagrada Familia, Eiffel Tower, etc.)
  • Stepped foot on 6 continents

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I look forward to chatting

Thank you for your interest — I sincerely appreciate it. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to talk shop or are interested in a resume.