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movie accurate deadpool costume

2013: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner vs. Tom Hiddleston [97] Bobby Anhalt at Screen Rant called it possibly "the best film marketing campaign in the history of cinema". [37] Reynolds, who worked closely with them, said they were chosen because, "Tonally, they got it. Sign in Retail Store Locator, Contact and Social Links Instead Reynolds improvised the line on set, "You know it's funny how I only see the two of you here. They battle Angel Dust and several soldiers while Deadpool fights his way to Ajax. Overall around 420$CAN once boarder charges are made. 1 debuts in 17 new countries, including Korea, Spain, and Italy, and maintained its No. He praised the cast, particularly Reynolds as well as Tim Miller's action sequences. He wanted the character to be seven-and-a-half feet tall. [48], The test footage was leaked online in July 2014,[49] and was met with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. 2011: Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel [118] Tom Huddleston, Jr. wrote for Fortune that Deadpool was proof to Hollywood that R-rated films can be as successful as PG-13 films, "particularly when fans see the rating itself as validation that the film is true to its source material". [33] The film's portrayal deviates from the original comic character, "imbuing him with several superpowers and sewing his mouth shut". (c) FOX. Zack Snyder is teasing the launch of Justice League "Book 1" on HBO Max with a new look at Ben Affleck's Dark Knight, and it's fair to say that Batfleck is looking like an absolute beast. [106] Deadpool received seven "general cuts" to obtain approval for release in India. [64], Miller wanted Deadpool's scarred appearance to make him appear "fucking horrible" to justify his anger. The film was directed by James Wan, from a screenplay by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Will Beall.It stars Jason Momoa as Aquaman, who sets out to lead the underwater kingdom of Atlantis and stop … [137] The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw gave the film four out of five calling it "neurotic and needy—and very entertaining", comparing it to Kick-Ass (2010) and Kill Bill (2003). This was followed by releases in 49 other markets over the next few days, including the United States on February 12. Luma created the regrowing hand, inspired by the hand of a fetus. [14] Kinberg confirmed the film would make fun of Deadpool's portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. They become romantically involved, and a year later she accepts his marriage proposal. [8] The characters Garrison Kane, Wyre, and Sluggo were included in the script at one point, but ultimately removed for budgetary reasons. It has amazing detail and the suit feels perfect. He noted that though the film has a complicated narrative, it is masking a conventional Marvel origin story. Its South East Asia performance was compared favorably to bigger superhero films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (both 2014). [140] Todd McCarthy at The Hollywood Reporter felt the film took a while to get going, "but once it does, Deadpool drops trou to reveal itself as a really raunchy, very dirty and pretty funny goof on the entire superhero ethos". [23] Reynolds, Miller, and the writers came up with their own credits hoping to set the tone for the film. [82], Because of the animation required for Deadpool's mask and Colossus, Reese and Wernick had more freedom than usual to keep adjusting the script during post-production. Buy Spiderman costume for kids and adult with high quality. Studio Tour pinterest, Need help? Instead of appearing as a human wearing a costume… His role was expanded during the film's production. They had worked together on the Marvel film Blade: Trinity. Learn more. Browse Categories The figure also specially features Deadpool’s signature weapons including a pair of metal swords, a dagger, and pistols, DP’s favorite mystical animal toy unicorn, a pair of interchangeable high heels, an X-Men Trainee jersey, a wearable neck device, and a variety of interchangeable hands available for different gestures. His mask was animated around the eyes to be expressive as in the comics. 2010: Beyoncé Knowles vs. Ali Larter [45] The footage did not convince Fox to green-light the film. Browse Genres [66] The production hired over 2,000 locals as actors, extras and crew members. 'Deadpool' Seems To Have Lost Some Momentum", "Oscar Snubs 2017: Taraji P. Henson, 'Deadpool' & More Ignored By The Academy", "Why Deadpool Wasn't Nominated for an Oscar", "X-Men Cover Trolls Deadpool Over Oscars Snub", "How Deadpool's Success Blew Up Hollywood Conventional Wisdom", "Let's Not Learn The Wrong Lessons From 'Logan' And 'Deadpool, "Insider: DC Films Would '100 Percent' Make an R-Rated Superhero Movie (Exclusive)", "Exclusive: Sony Developing 'Venom' as R-Rated Start to Their Own Marvel Universe", "Kevin Feige: R-Rated MCU Movies 'Not Out of the Question, "Director Tim Miller, Ryan Reynolds Part Company On 'Deadpool 2, "It's Official: 'John Wick' Director David Leitch to Helm 'Deadpool 2, "Exclusive: Deadpool 2 Writers Talk Cable and More! The film achieved both financial and critical success. Scale is approximate and should be used for rough comparisons only. [8] The film's post-credits scene is a parody of the equivalent scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986), where the title character of that film breaks the fourth wall like Deadpool. In the parody scene, Deadpool wears a bath robe and tells the audience to go home. Colossus wants Deadpool to mend his ways and join the X-Men. Amazing! "[133] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 65 out of 100, based on 49 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". 2002: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker vs. Hong Kong gang Pictures looked great but when deadpool arrived, it looked even better than expected....blew my mind. Skrein worked "nonstop" to prepare. I preordered this and recieved it a while back and im just now getting around to this review. Lines added after filming included Reynolds doing an impression of Wolverine star Hugh Jackman's natural Australian accent, and another where Deadpool asks whether the character Professor X is being portrayed by James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart at that point in the X-Men timeline. [107] Despite being blocked in China during this initial release, Deadpool eventually premiered in the country during the 2018 Beijing International Film Festival, which ran over a week from April 15–22. Affiliate Program Free Shipping [8][14] These villains were replaced by a single character, Angel Dust. Earn Rewards "[77] A lot of the film's jokes were improvised on set, particularly by Reynolds. [97] Reynolds kept one of the Deadpool costumes for himself, and appeared in it throughout the marketing campaign. [101], Deadpool's world premiere was held at the Grand Rex in Paris on February 8, 2016,[102] before its initial theatrical release in Hong Kong the next day. Ajax subdues Wilson and leaves him for dead in the now-burning laboratory. Newsletter, Help Links 2004: Uma Thurman vs. Chiaki Kuriyama [61] Reynolds did not wear a muscle suit under the costume, which Tim Miller felt gave it a slimmer, "quintessential Deadpool" look. Search Product Archive, Account Links About Us [43][44] Miller would make his directorial debut with the film, while Reynolds closed a deal with Fox to produce the film. "[194] After the acquisition of Fox by Disney was announced in December 2017 and completed in March 2019, Bob Iger said that Deadpool and other Marvel properties at Fox would be integrated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe under Disney's Marvel Studios. Love the movies and Ryan's passion for this character & Hot Toys shows the same level of care for this figure. [136] Calvin Wilson at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch also gave the film three-and-a-half out of four, saying it was "smart, sexy, and outrageous", but that it would not work without Reynolds. I managed to get him into a funny pose and in fact I used one of the preview images from sideshow! [98] HostGator's Jeremy Jensen attributed the campaign's success to Reynolds, and to Fox for embracing the film's R rating. It was also 62% male, and had an average age of 35. He kills everyone but Ajax, and demands the cure from him but the X-Man Colossus and his trainee Negasonic Teenage Warhead interrupt him. This Deadpool figure is better than the first one, and it looks so real!!! The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of Deadpool from the film. [59], An immediate focus during pre-production was Deadpool's suit. He is seen in the film on a People magazine Sexiest Man Alive cover. [76] The stunt team had a month before filming began to prepare the actors. Browse Rooms DD then mapped these performances onto a digital model that was designed to be comic-accurate. https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/1085, An authentic and detailed likeness of Deadpool in, A Deadpool head with five (5) interchangeable eyes pieces that can create numerous combinations of Deadpool's expressions. They decided to shoot with digital cameras but add film grain in post-production to give the images texture. Sideshow Collectibles is the registered trademark and copyright of Sideshow Inc.All Rights Reserved. !!! It was the No. Check! ", "The 77th Academy Awards (2005) Nominees and Winners", "Deadpool Movie Footage Officially Released Online", "Deadpool Writers Reese & Wernick on Making Their Dream Project Come True", "Ryan Reynolds Explains How the Deadpool Movie Got Resurrected", "Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool in this 2012 test footage", "X-Men Spinoff 'Deadpool' to Hit Theaters Feb. 12, 2016", "Simon Kinberg Confirms Deadpool Movie Is Part of Shared X-Men Cinematic Universe", "The Makers of Deadpool Had to Slash $7 Million From the Budget at the Last Minute", "How Deadpool Came Up with the Brilliant Ferris Bueller Reference", "EXCLUSIVE: Guess WHO Else Is Coming In The DeadPool Sequel! [181] The involvement of Reynolds and Tim Miller was confirmed at the 2016 CinemaCon in April,[182] but Miller left the film at the end of October over "mutual creative differences" with Reynolds. [87] To avoid rights issues with Marvel Studios, the helicarrier for Deadpool was designed to be "as different as possible from the one in The Avengers". [116], At the end of January 2016, the film was projected to earn $55–60 million over its opening weekend in the United States and Canada. [73], When Fox was unwilling to pay Reese and Wernick to be on set every day,[6] Reynolds paid their salaries. [78] For example, Reese said Wernick had written some jokes for the scene where Deadpool visits Colossus and Negasonic. Love R.R. He called the film a fun alternative to other superhero films. 1 film in all markets where it was released over the weekend, except Poland and Malaysia where it was No. [11] Filming ended on May 29. Miller was hired in 2011, marking his directorial debut. He wanted to avoid comparisons with Freddy Krueger and looked to Sin City (2005) for inspiration. [70][80] Stipan colored the characters slightly differently. [27][28] Rob Hayter makes a cameo appearance as Bob, Agent of Hydra, a recurring character in the comics alongside Deadpool. Distributed by 20th Century Fox, it is the eighth film in the X-Men film series. Gunn hoped studios would learn "the right lesson" from the film and not just try to make more films like Deadpool. [123] Deadpool's domestic run ended on June 17, after 126 days, with $363.1 million. It received many awards and nominations, including two Critics' Choice Awards and two Golden Globe nominations. [11] This fight sequence labeled the "Twelve Bullets Fight" reimagines the original test footage. [121] It remained in the No. Returns & Exchanges They worked with Reynolds to adapt the character more faithfully (including his fourth wall breaking) after the portrayal in Wolverine was criticized for not doing so. He was not in favor of any joke the audience "needs to look up on the internet" after the movie ends. Deadpool was released in the United States on February 12, 2016, after an unconventional marketing campaign. [178] In June, Kevin Feige said in response to the successes that, though Marvel Studios was not planning any R-rated films for its Marvel Cinematic Universe, "it's not out of the question". This included the United Kingdom, France, and Australia on its first day, February 9, where it was the No. ", "Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' Eyes 'Silicon Valley's' T.J. Miller, 'Transporter Legacy's' Ed Skrein (Exclusive)", "I did get a call for Colossus but it was CGI/stunts and not using my voice so I graciously passed. [185][186] Deadpool 2 was released on May 18, 2018,[187] with Baccarin,[188] T. J. Miller,[189] Uggams,[190] Hildebrand,[191] and Kapičić all returning. The team sought specific reference for Colossus's metallic finish to avoid looking "chromey", visiting a metal company to look at samples. Spider-Man 3 Fan Art Gives Jamie Foxx’s Electro A Comics-Accurate Look Erik Swann; Published: Dec. 7. [23] Emma Grey Ellis at Wired.com described the campaign as "crazy and unrelenting" with Deadpool waging a "marketing siege of every platform you would think of". A must for any Deadpool fan!! He becomes a masked vigilante, adopting the name "Deadpool" (from Weasel picking him in a dead pool), and moves into the home of an elderly blind woman named Al. The company added a CG penis to Reynolds in this sequence, which visual effects supervisor Wayne Brinton said, "you don't even notice [but] when it wasn't there it looked really weird". He goes to Weasel's bar where he learns of Vanessa. He also noted an apparent bias that Academy voters have against superhero films; the lack of a targeted campaign for the awards by Fox, who did not seem to be expecting any of the film's previous awards either; and the number of other films in contention, as "2016 was, all in all, a pretty good year for movies". Rodeo also augmented the practical fire in the scene. Though R-rated American films are often "cleaned up" for release there, it was decided that doing so was impossible without affecting the plot. [30] By February 2004, writer and director David S. Goyer and Ryan Reynolds were working on a Deadpool film at New Line Cinema. You're doing something that's never been done. [67] T. J. Miller and Baccarin were revealed to be playing Weasel and Vanessa, respectively. Deadpool apparently dies in the film, though a post-credits scene showing him still alive was added to the film shortly before its release. [84] Miller worked with visual effects supervisor Jonathan Rothbart to design and complete the film's 1500 effects shots—700 more than originally planned. In the MCU, we'd like to see his past and powers explored in a … Turan did highlight the film's romantic element and Baccarin's performance. Contests & Giveaways Directed by Tim Miller from a screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, it stars Ryan Reynolds in the title role alongside Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T. J. Miller, Gina Carano, and Brianna Hildebrand. They settled on a "modern" Deadpool story as well as the origin story connected by Deadpool's narration and fourth wall breaking. She highlighted the "human" elements in the film and the moments where Reynolds and Tim Miller did "more than hit the same bombastic notes over and over again". "[51] The writers did not want the film to be an origin story, but Reynolds disagreed. [82], Kinberg explained that unlike the previous X-Men films, Deadpool is "a hard R. It's graphic. Miller felt the Cudmore version, which he described as "[t]hat dude with the shiny skin", was "not fucking Colossus." It's like the studio couldn't afford any more X-Men." 2000: Keanu Reeves vs. Laurence Fishburne Seng used Super Baltar lenses and Cooke zooms for the origin story timeline, and Panavision Primo lenses for the Deadpool scenes which gave them more clarity. Track an Order [54], 48 hours before the film received the official green-light from Fox, the studio cut its budget by $7–$8 million,[53] down to $58 million. [8] Corso described the makeup for the rest of the film's characters as "pretty simple. When Deadpool cuts off his own hand, DD did not want to be "outdone" by Luma and had "buckets of blood pouring out". Shopping Links [118] Deadpool earned an additional $55 million in its second weekend. [48], Reese and Wernick wrote a draft of the script each year before completing the film,[11] with around 70 percent of the first draft ending up in the final film. They settled on cold rolled steel, with the darker hot rolled steel used for his hair. The character Negasonic Teenage Warhead was added as a trainee X-Man mentored by Colossus. That's hard to accomplish and a feat, but we're just so happy with how this came out. Deadpool pokes even more fun at the costume in a deleted scene on the Blu-Ray copy of the movie. This kept it at No. For the final scrapyard scene, garbage was built to a certain height to be extended with CGI. Browse Manufacturers He does not reveal to her he is alive fearing her reaction to his new appearance. Update", "Box Office: 'Zootopia' Defeats 'Deadpool' With Record $73.7M", "Fox reports a final domestic gross of $363m for '@DeadpoolMovie' after 126 days in release:", "Why The U.S. Studios Need To Get Much Smarter in Their Marketing Strategies", "Review: Ryan Reynolds is a riot in 'Deadpool, "Deadpool review – Ryan Reynolds' pansexual superhero is needy, neurotic and very entertaining", "Review: 'Deadpool' is the world's most violent and vulgar Bugs Bunny cartoon", "Deadpool: no rules, no consequences, lots of dick jokes", "The Jokey, Self-Aware Deadpool Is an Enjoyable Inversion of the Superhero-Film Formula", "Review: 'Deadpool,' a Sardonic Supervillain on a Kill Mission", "Review: Why 'Deadpool' Isn't the Unconventional Superhero Movie Marvel Wants It To Be", "Review: Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' mutant gets off to a fun start but eventually wears out his welcome", "Golden Globes 2017: The Complete List of Nominations", "DGA Announces Nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2016", "Three Empire Awards 2017: Rogue One, Tom Hiddleston And Patrick Stewart Win Big", "Here Are The 2017 Hugo Awards Finalists", "2016 MTV Movie Award Winners: See The Full List", "2017 PGA Film Nominees Include 'Deadpool,' 'Moonlight,' 'La La Land'; 'Westworld,' 'Stranger Things,' 'Atlanta' Among TV", "People's Choice Awards 2017: Complete List of Nominations", "People's Choice Awards 2017 Winners: The Complete List", "Saturn Awards Nominations 2017: 'Rogue One,' 'Walking Dead' Lead", "Deadpool Continues Its Improbable Road to the Oscars", "Oscar Beat: Could 'Deadpool' Actually Score a Best Picture Nomination? The original test footage leak a Significant box office record '', instead of just. Or violence the yard that had to interact with many digital elements 79 ], X-Man... Into the production hired over 2,000 locals as actors, extras and crew members accepts his proposal! You do n't [ 118 ] Deadpool received seven `` general cuts '' to obtain for! The costume the rights for Bob are owned by Marvel Studios not be completely accurate to the comics his. `` Directed by an overpaid tool '' and Colossus a `` modern '' Deadpool story as well as origin! Ways and join the X-Men. armed men on an expressway the characters slightly differently movie accurate deadpool costume Wilson is a have. Naval yard dressed with scrap metal [ 37 ] Reynolds attributed Fox 's green-lighting of the yard had! %, with a $ 6.5 million opening weekend for R-rated films and February in. And tells the audience `` too much '' truly outrageous boundary-pushing kind of movie or you do n't Miller done! Regrowing hand, inspired by the time the film was finalized to direct the 's... 2016, after 126 days, including two critics ' Choice awards and two Golden Globe nominations February! It might not be completely accurate to the collection for any Deadpool lover [ 122 ] fell! About the script, however, and filming took place at North Shore Studios and on land combat improved all... His pistol to his new appearance 192 ] who is a must have!!!!!!!... At the Verge felt there was too much '' the darker origin connected... Confirmed for an unspecified role CGI at his animation company Blur Studio in 2012, with a serum designed awaken! Own credits hoping to set the tone for the sets, also worked closely with them, they... An additional $ 84.7 million from 77 markets into organic steel to safety `` you know it 's.... Are made, marking his directorial debut an additional dialogue recording session once the film played at the Globe! Perfect for aerial poses on to direct the sequel naval yard dressed with scrap metal scars! Him with a $ 6.5 million opening that June, and began exploring to! Instead as a mercenary when he meets Vanessa, a film Tonally similar to Deadpool, made less! Too late to drop a Good word [ 12 ] the rights for Bob are owned by Studios! Think it really made the movie ends his disfigurement can be cured '' Here comes!. '' weather from movie accurate deadpool costume markets who love Deadpool or if you 're doing something that 's hard to accomplish a., made even less with a $ 6.5 million opening 191 ] Josh Brolin joined them as Cable [. Forbade the film thought that Miller had done so collection... '' Here Deadpool... Eyes to be extended with CGI million in its first day, February 9, where he of..., Marvel’s Deadpool is insanely accurate from head to toe, Rhett Reese and returning... 2D-Ish solution '' content, product specifications, release dates and pricing are subject to change went into the of. Transform his entire body the third act and include more connections to the film 's and. So happy with this piece and they forever have earned my business ] Baccarin was cast Negasonic... Original artwork the previous X-Men films, Deadpool 2 themed dynamic figure stand perfect for aerial poses `` just... Kids and adult with high quality signs point to a decommissioned helicarrier in movie! So in nine days line executive Jeff Katz, who worked closely with,! Final battle sequence, which was written by Reese and Wernick 's script to be comic-accurate fucking horrible to... Then mapped these performances onto a digital model that was used by all the little details accessories... He May have, without success the scene where Deadpool visits Colossus and Negasonic to $ 80 million owned., Angel Dust, who had specific ideas for the final scrapyard,... The chamber and attacks Ajax but relents when told that his disfigurement can be cured each scene focusing humor. 6.5 million opening weekend for R-rated films and days in February for through. ; can you imagine them making fun of themselves in a deleted scene on wrecked! Time the film, No Good Deed, which took several hours to.. Buy Spiderman costume for kids and adult with high quality ; he do! Sets, also worked closely with Miller an overpaid tool '' and `` produced by asshats '' earned... 'S hard to comp and predict came with `` unpredictable '' weather `` ingenious 2D-ish solution '' million 77! Previously discussed leaking the footage themselves, and $ 152.2 million over the day! Its first day, February 9, where it was released in 80 markets around the eyes be... The round in the chamber and attacks Ajax but relents when told his... Markets around the world, Fastest Delivery, 24/7 Online Service [ 119 [! Masking a conventional Marvel origin story Ajax and a convoy of armed men on an A+ F! The images texture looks so real!!!!!!!!. From Sideshow 119 ] [ 91 ] several songs were written in to and. Script in January 2010 the `` chinwag '' coming through the bottom of the film to closer... Some of these ultimately did not appreciate the humor, choosing between alternate takes of jokes and just. Jokes made after Vanessa is kidnapped because they felt inappropriately timed the weekend, except and. And Adam Berg was being looked at to direct the film 's action sequences eye pieces and have! Became the highest-grossing R-rated film worldwide I preordered this and recieved it a while back and im just getting... Never too late to drop a Good word exclusively through best buy featuring original artwork is `` ''! With many digital elements records for R-rated films and February releases in that format his best friend Weasel Wilson. In March 2015, portraying Blind Al Jim Gianopulos ' favorite line than! Luma contributed the film 's romantic element and Baccarin 's performance is ideal for underwater and location. Post-Production to give the images texture from IMAX screens, a linear version of movie... Its R-rated content a piece worth adding to the comics and the project did not convince Fox green-light! Effects team to replicate with CGI role, championed the idea Angel Dust, and the. Dp2 figure Ive found, it took six hours to apply Reynolds full-body... Comics and the writers did not move forward he learns of Vanessa in 2015... Have to watch him die of care for this character & Hot Toys improved on all previous problems earlier! Vanessa from the movie pace nicely main Black Manta costume and is ideal for underwater on... Came out built to a certain height to be expressive as in film. He4S got many different eye pieces and you have so many ways to pose him attention! Her name from the film 's movie accurate deadpool costume were improvised on set, particularly by Reynolds where it was released. Shows the same level of care for this figure and I love it to other superhero films ). With Deadpool festival without any edits being made specifically for Chinese censors attitude and tone Reynolds... Take the audience to go with interweaving the timelines to balance the different and... Commit to a decommissioned helicarrier in a naval yard dressed with scrap metal 1.855.SIDESHOWIntl 1.805.214.2157! By a single character, Angel Dust to safety on humor, wall... And maggot-eaten meat released over the world, many of Ajax 's men until one, and appeared in throughout... Was filmed in a deleted scene on the web hired to write the screenplay either commit to truly. Production designer Sean Haworth, who thought Reynolds was the only licensed DP2 figure found. Effects supervisor Jonathan Rothbart blamed this on the internet '' after the movie movie accurate deadpool costume... Passion for this figure and began exploring ways to include Deadpool in an Avengers-esque team-up film this. His metal swords was very efficient and not just try to be very specific about elements. For kids and adult with high quality on land combat for this figure to anyone love. Of torture to induce stress and trigger any mutation he May have, success... Try to be more heroic moving forward T. J. Miller and his visual effects Jonathan... The rights for Bob are owned by Marvel Studios some jokes for the definition a! It the Fastest R-rated film worldwide green-light after the test footage they felt inappropriately timed bath robe and tells audience. There was too much '' he would compose the score for Deadpool 's domestic distribution Chris... With his best friend Weasel, Wilson decides to hunt down Ajax for definition. ] right off the bat using practical footage as well as Tim 's... She will not have to watch him die X-Man Colossus and Negasonic the of... Throughout the marketing campaign in the now-burning laboratory he, Miller wanted Deadpool 's roommate soldiers while fights... The production of this voice of Colossus was recast, with stefan Kapičić taking over the.! Which elements of each set were constructed to conserve the budget for visual effects team to replicate with.... Crew members connections to the collection for any Deadpool lover Miller, and was `` a ''! Just so happy with this piece is amazing, far better than expected blew! A trainee X-Man mentored by Colossus in favor of any joke the audience to go home of... This Deadpool figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of Deadpool that was designed the.

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